Harry Styles, Olivia Wilde Officially OVER

Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde’s once hot and heavy romance is officially over. After two years, sources report their relationship is no more. Keep reading for all the details on what we know so far.

Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde are over

After two years together, Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde have decided to end things People reports. Apparently, right now Harry, who previously dated Kendall Jenner, and Olivia don’t have the time in their very busy schedules for each other. Harry is constantly touring and of course, going abroad. Meanwhile, Olivia has children and work in L.A. directing.

“He’s still touring and is now going abroad. She is focusing on her kids and her work in L.A.,” a source says.

However, the source continues by saying that the decision they made was amicable. So, it seems that there will be no tension between the two moving forward.

“It’s a very amicable decision.”

The pair just got through the premiere of Don’t Worry Darlinwhich was directed by Olivia Wilde and had Harry Styles as the leading male role as well as his co-star Florence Pugh.

Are they still friends?

Of course, with every breakup, the couple has to decide if they want to stay friends or end things for good. Apparently, Harry and Olivia opted to stay friends. This makes sense especially considering the fact that it was really only their jobs keeping them apart for now.

“They’re still very close friends,” one source says. Another agrees saying “Right now, they have different priorities that are keeping them apart.”

Harry Styles | Youtube
Harry Styles | Youtube

Will they get back together?

Since Harry and Olivia are trying to remain close friends, it seems there’s a good chance they will end up back together at some point. Additionally, a source did report that the couple was ‘taking a break.’ So as of right now, it sounds like Harry and Olivia have the potential to get back together once they have more time.

However, when this split actually occurred is still unknown. It’s reported that Olivia was seen dancing at Harryween – Harry Styles’ Halloween-themed show and at his November 15 concert. Not to mention the pair were seen kissing in September. So, it seems that the official split happened rather recently.

Olivia Wilde, Harry Styles | Youtube
Olivia Wilde | Youtube

Did you like Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde together? Or, do you think they weren’t meant to be? Let us know what you thought of the couple in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more news on all of your favorite celebrities!

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