The Ghetto Snarl: Modern Self-Expression

The Ghetto Snarl: Modern Self-Expression

            Every culture has its own unique gesticulations. The Indians (Hindu Indians, not the feather kind) do that weird head bob thing. The Japanese have that bowing business going on. It just so happens that in the inner cities of America, one can find the cultural hallmark of the urban youth- the mean mug and its significantly less amused cousin, the ghetto snarl. Today we will take you on a journey of discovery as we explore these foreign lands.


Mean Mug

To truly appreciate the mean mug’s role in modern urban culture, one must understand its origins. At the height of the O.J. Simpson trial, when Mr. Simpson was asked how he would like to plead, he responded to the judge with a simple “man, eat my nuts” without changing his facial expression. Thus the mean mug was born (later perfected by hip-hop artists). Here are some examples of fine mean mugs throughout the ages:

rep that west

Here we find Mr. Ice Cube. As is made readily apparent by his facial expression, he is no mood for games. There is no mistaking his general malaise.


Here we find 50 Cent in his natural habitat: still wearing a chain, still not loving the police.


And last but not least is the ironically named Rich Homie Quan (seeing as how he is not rich, I can’t help but wonder how he acquired this epithet).


Ghetto Snarl

When the mean mug absolutely will not do, when you really need to convey your disgust in another’s actions or presence, then you would use the “ghetto snarl.” It is best to learn from the masters, so we have compiled a list of the most unhappy gentlemen in popular culture from which one may study:


I say, does Oklahoma City Thunder center Kendrick Perkins seem happy to you? Nay, perish the thought (although, to be fair, I’d be upset too if I put up such woeful stats night in and night out).

Washington Wizards v Phoenix Suns

Now, if I were in the presence of Mr. Arenas at the moment this picture was taken, I certainly would be afraid, and not just because of all the gun charges!

russell-westbrook-confronts-interviewerrussell mug

And now we’ve reached the master, the proverbial sensei of looking upset- Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook. Reporters beware; lazy questions will be punished by a cynical glare.


In Conclusion

As one can see, no culture like that of inner city America can show unhappiness in so many ways. It is important to be proud of our cultural traditions and carry them with us. The mean mug and the ghetto snarl have defined a generation and left an indelible mark on the American people.

Finn Hasson // Assistant Literary Editor // ’15

Karuga Koinange // Copy Editor // ’15 

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