Suburban Dictionary: Shenanigite


Shenanigite, N:

Pronunciation: shu- nahn- ih- guyt

Inflections: Plural unchanged, shenanigites

Etymology: < shen- sneaky < Ani- a wise red headed girl < igites-  a notoriously wise group of humans

1. A person who commits to acts of tomfoolery and hooliganism. Yet they are wise and sneaky about their behaviors.

The art of shenanigitsm was based off of the miraculous flying spaghetti monster who mastered the art of deception. Its exterior looks like innocent noodles slathered in marina when actually he’s stealthily been ridding the world of ketchup in order to keep all the tomatoes to himself.

Yesterday I stole a pickle from Thomas Jefferson. “No Way! His pickle jar has never left his sight. You shenanigite!”

2. A person deriving from the ancient fox. One with great stealth and expertise in the realm of mischievousness; they can always be found up to no good, but you’ll never expect what they’re up to next.

Hey what’s up with Superman’s sneaky behavior lately? I think all that Kryptonite turned him into a shenanigite.

suppaaa man

Special thanks to Sequel Designer Mariah Chenowith for a great suggestion and very unique definitions.

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