Summer Series: “Ode to the Sky: A Sonnet”

Summer Series: “Ode to the Sky: A Sonnet”

When the exhale of winter tints you blue
and the colors you hid begin to leak,
I pine to plunge my soul inside that hue,
to rest my frigid hand upon your cheek,

to grasp the heated heart I shivered for,
buried beneath the cotton clouds you hold.
That burning blue, that calling out for more,
leaves me ravenous; needing the untold.

How can I live, not knowing your embrace?
Don’t you realize how lonely earth can be?
A life grounded, cramped when I wish for space,
for eternities of endlessness—free.

But, your drizzle of tears, that same shade blue,
reassures me that you ache for me too.

Marie Cheng ’20 | Art Staff

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