Summer Series: “Ode to Lemonade”

Summer Series: “Ode to Lemonade”

Sour sunshine in my glass
And sugar on my lips,
And your syrupy taste and class
Complements my bag of chips.

Whether cold, condensation on my hands
Or warmed from summer sun
Whether real and pulpy, or fizzy from a can
Or pink, yellow, even purple, I enjoy every one.

I rank every one I’ve tasted, from bottom to top;
From the spoiled Capri sun pouch, (mostly solid gunk)
To Ocean City’s Love’s Lemonade shop.
Sparkling perfection. (Would take home a trunk.)

You are the taste of summer
Of beaches and birthdays
I never ask for any other
No Pepsi, no Coke ⁠— only Lemonade

Sarah Nelson ’20 | Literary Staff

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