Copy-Change: “Next Case” by John Lawless

Copy-Change: “Next Case” by John Lawless

Original Poem:

“Next Case” by John Lawless

It was too loud…. perhaps too soft
A bit succinct…. bordered on terse
A rhythm laced with stumbling blocks
Its meter…. broke sidewalk cracks
Spellcheque….well it can’t be trusted
Nor syllables counted on the fingers
The court of judges finds you guilty
Your poetic license is…. revoked

Nicole Barnes’ take:

You’re so annoying… but also soft-spoken
A bit loud… borderline flamboyant
My sister born with a smart mouth
Sarcasm…. I can’t blame you
Nor your friends who laugh at your jokes
As your big sister, I find you guilty
My sarcastic license

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