Copy-Change: At the Edge of Time by Pierre Reverdy

Original Poem:

The stems of  the sun bent over the eye
The sleeping man
The whole of  the earth
And this head heavy with fear
In the night
This complete hole
And even so streaming with water
The noise
The peals of  little bells mingled with the
Clinking of glasses
And bursts of laughter
The head moves
On the carpet the body shifts
And turns over the warm spot
At the slipping feet of  the animal
It’s that they’re waiting
For the summons of the shock
And the signal of  the eyelid
The ray relaxes
And what is left shines at the edge of  the white rock

Katherine Ator’s take:

Intermission get ya popcorn and potty breaks in now ya hear
The arms of  nature stretch over the mouth
The angry men
The army of the orphans
And this molecular heart, worn with argument
At the brim
This broken shell
And even so similar in perfection
The scream quiets
The pearls of ancient families destroyed with the
Silencing of the sufferers
And death of God
The wave runs
On the floor, the blame blossoms
And flows into the old veins
At the unlucky misstep of  the man
It’s that they’re yearning
For the shock of the blow
And the funeral of  the heart
The crowd silences
And what is left burns in the color of  the mudded swamp.

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