Double Take

Double Take

When was the last time you thought about a door handle? Or a candlestick? You tend not to give it much thought, right? Double take shall be your guide, starring Jonathan Fanshaw, to the everyday things you never think twice about, showing just how vital (or not) they truly are.
When you really think about it, handles, of any kind, are incredibly important to us as people. Imagine everything that has a handle on it. Door handles, tool handles, bike handles, fridge handles, cabinet handles. Handles, handles, and even more handles. And how many times do you think you use handles? When you walk out of your room every day, you use a handle. When you go to whack a hammer into a nail, you use a handle. A car you or your family drives has handles on it. Literally, every day of our lives we’re using handles, and never once when we’re opening a cabinet to grab a plate for our morning toast or a bowl for our cereal do we ever stop and think, “You know what? I’m really, really, glad that I have a handle to open this cabinet, cause I gosh diddily-darn wouldn’t know what to do without it!”
Now, realistically, no one really should need to do that. It’s a handle, its not like its going to jump you in the middle of the night after you refused to give it a pat on the…handle equivalent of a back. But, we really don’t give as big of a ‘hurrah’ to handles as we do other long-lasting creations. Everyone knows that compasses allowed navigation, or newer metals created better and longer lasting tools, but you know what’s on that tool? A handle. And you know what made that compass? A tool…with a handle. At least, probably.
But the point is, at almost every stop in history, since the earliest humans’ creations to current, modern day simplicities, a handle has been there to lend a hand, pun intended, to create every new and innovative invention that we’ve known. So next time you’re using a mug, or a suit case, or whatever, remember that if it weren’t for a handle, you might not be drinking that coffee, or going on that vacation. And maybe, just maybe, you can grab that handle a little tighter, knowing that if its been around this long then it’s going to keep a handle on things (rimshot) for a while longer.

Jonathan Fanshaw | ’20

4 thoughts on “Double Take”

  • To think, I’d be so interested in reading about doorknobs. Jonathans idea to write about things we see daily, but in different light is creative. And I hate complementing him, so it means a lot that I read it and liked it before I saw he wrote it.

  • I remember when we first workshopped this together in September! Turned out great, and I love how I can tell your style so clearly.

  • It’s crazy and super cool the way you went in depth about something as simple as a handle. Great job making a seemingly boring object so interesting with your writing.

  • This idea is so unique and something I never would have thought about (which I guess was the point, but nevertheless it impressed me). Jonathan takes something mundane and boring and makes it interesting, and his creative humor makes it really fun to read.

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