Audrey’s Rants

Audrey’s Rants

The Danger of the “Woke” White Man

Blurb: Welcome to my weekly rants where I get angry over everything.

Two of my professors stand in front of the room. One is Todd Tobias. The other is Reggie Gibson. One of them was on the first episode of Def Jam poetry. One has not. We have all just finished watching “Do The Right Thing” and a conversation about race and what it means to be racist follows. The pizza shop which is later burnt to the ground at the end of the movie is located in a predominantly black neighborhood. The owner is what some would call “kind of racist” (that doesn’t really exist but moving forward). The topics digresses into one about police brutality. Reggie explained it to us like this: “My father always told us to do our math. Two black boys in a car going 2 miles over the speed limit with music playing 2 decibels over what it should be ends with you getting pulled over or worse. Do your math.” Todd interjects with this: “Yeah I mean I totally get that because my mom told me never to have an affair with a married woman with a cop for a husband because I would get killed.” Todd Tobias is the danger of the “woke” white man. Todd loves to talk about his 26 year old girlfriend. He’s 50. Todd loves to interject himself into situations where it’s either completely inappropriate or to cheapen somebody else’s point of view. The room went silent. Todd has made himself look like a complete and total jackass. Me and my roommates couldn’t stop talking about it for days. And Reggie, being the angel he is, laughed over it and said nothing. Here’s the thing about the “woke” white man. They can’t empathize for anyone else and get incredibly uncomfortable when a situation doesn’t directly apply to them. This is the danger of the “woke” white man.

2 thoughts on “Audrey’s Rants”

  • Way to go after a controversial subject that nit every one is comfortable talking about. Your writing is really fluid and well said!!

  • I see this happen all the time, where someone with privileges just seems to completely misunderstand a conversation and twist it to be about their experience. Rather than allowing others to speak up about actual societal issues, they complain about their own issues. Powerful Piece.

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