Spiritual Healing: A Guide

Spiritual Healing: A Guide

Magic- isn’t that a sort of witchcraft? To Nicole, it’s everything but witchcraft, it is healing; it is her equivalent to your god. Crystals, essential oils, tarot cards carry spiritual power, only activated when you learn to believe. Call her a hippie, sure- she’s heard it before. Leave her & her crystals be 🙂

Recently, I’ve become intrigued as to how minute objects, like crystals, radiate vibrations, each at a different frequency; this is the energy that syncs with your body’s chakras- seven ‘areas’ of your body:
-the base chakra located from the bottom of spine to feet
– the sacral chakra- located slightly below the belly-button
– the solar plexus chakra- located between your belly-button and ribcage
-the heart chakra- covering the chest area right above the heart
-your third eye, right between your eyebrows (get it- third eye :p),
& finally, your crown chakra at the top of your head.

…Okay- now what do these chakras signify, and why do I deem them so important?

When balanced, each chakra allows my spiritual self to center around serenity. Personally, I’ve found that I feel most creative when my sacral chakra is stable, which is why I’ve managed to channel inspiration into writing this- all thanks to my diffuser! I’ve filled it with a citrus blend of orange & grapefruit & lemon oils, and it exhales an energizing vibe- my room’s been doused in citrus punch, and words alone cannot describe the tranquility I feel in my room. My speaker blasting Pink Floyd in the background; the soft breeze circling through my room, and of course the citrusy aroma in the air- a recipe for an anxiety-free afternoon.

As for my crystals, I bathed my sunstone in salt last night, whilst knowing that my sacral chakra would be in dire need of a creative surge- shout out to past me! The song of my sunstone rings like a gentle lullaby, soothing my anxiety and perfectionism, a stubborn trait of mine that drives me insane. In case you didn’t know, I wallow in perfectionism to the point where I become paralyzed with fear of any flaw in my work. As a writer, this is toxic: it blocks creativity and the flow of ideas; it quarantines my mind in a prison of boredom where I cannot daydream. I loathe this little devil constantly reminding me of my shortcomings. Out of spite, I whipped out my sunstone & oils, insanity’s remedy.
All in all, because I fervently believe in my sunstone & oils’ power and their capabilities, for they set my soul free for awhile.

Nicole Barnes | ’20

2 thoughts on “Spiritual Healing: A Guide”

  • I’m not very familiar with these concepts but they are so interesting!! I love the way you captivate the readers with your imagery and spiritual process.

  • I really like how this is informative for people unfamiliar with things like chakras, crystals, and oils, but still very personal to Nicole. The information is presented in a concise way that makes it easy to understand, while also nicely integrating with details about her personal experience. Nicole’s voice makes the tone of this very serene and positive which is perfect for the topic of her blog.

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