Katie’s Games

Katie’s Games

It’s difficult for board games to be scary: nothing can physically jump out at you, the text you can share is limited, and it still needs to be playable and fun. Betrayal at house on a hill is one of those few games that is not just horrifying, its exciting.
The premise of the game is simple: don’t die. As you play, the game is split into two acts (creatively titled act one and act two). In act one, everyone works together to lay out tiles, find items and events, and avoid omens. Since the house will be created by shuffled tiles, the house will always be different. In the second act, one person betrays the other people in the house and tries to kill them based upon the haunt they got. There are 50 haunts- which also makes every game different then the last.
Explore a haunted house as horror movie stereotypes as friends, then enemies. Struggle to free captives of cannibals, fight to kill a flesh monster, or give a ghost some peace; the story will never be the same.

Katie Ator | ’20

3 thoughts on “Katie’s Games”

  • Really cool idea! I played this game once and got a little confused, but i want to try it out again!!!

  • The idea of writing blogs about board games is a unique topic I never thought about. Also, the game itself seems really interesting!

  • I love board games! This is a great blog for me to find new games to try out. Awesome job with imagery and creating a story that makes each game intriguing!

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