‘Meaningless Nothingness’ by Josh Wilmer

‘Meaningless Nothingness’ by Josh Wilmer

I entered this world clean, untarnished,
Curious, pure.
I couldn’t stay that way, could I?
You couldn’t let me, could you?

Rivers of acidic nothingness flow,
Steam rises from the surface,
The ghosts of things now forgotten.
Madness; there is no purpose in the rivers action, mind one;
What started as a drop in the beginning of earth’s conception,
Expanded into an ocean of horror and meaningless squalor.

Exposed, I fall head first into the murky void of black,
Steaming nothingness.
My pours begin to fill. I am nearly consumed.
Steam rises from the surface.
Another victim to meaningless nothingness.

Josh Wilmer | ’19

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