‘Recluse’ by Tony Senatore

‘Recluse’ by Tony Senatore

Grappling heat leaks
from a bright hole in the sky.
An invisible, broiling blanket
wrapped tightly, burning the skin.
Ocean blue clashing with yellow magma.
Look with a dizzy gaze to the wavering horizon.

A retreat to the cold rock walls of refuge nearby.
Draped in shadow — unseen and untouched.
Once raging sands now tamed by shade.
Laid gently to rest on a cooled floor,
dreams set to the sounds
of crashing waves.

Tony Senatore | ’20

2 thoughts on “‘Recluse’ by Tony Senatore”

  • I really like the idea of writing on both sides of a shell. Great job with organizing the format of the poem to fit the object.

  • This poem is such a triumph! I have never heard anyone describe the sun that way; “Grappling heat leaks
    from a bright hole in the sky.” I loved this line so much. It functioned as a great opener and made me instantly want to read more. The phrase “dreams set to the sounds of crashing waves,” is so wonderful. This feeling is one that almost everyone can recognize, and making a universal experience is so important in poetry.

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