‘Bra’ by Angela Qian

‘Bra’ by Angela Qian

Something I didn’t expect when we were both children,
When holding hands meant nothing more than trust
And a body was nothing more than how we got
from one place to another:

That pushing a kiss into the nook of your ear, and
Exhaling softly with your head in my arms–
Pulling my fingers through your hair–

This all would come and go easy
And leave traces of you across my belly,
Leave traces of you across my shoulder blades.

Angela Qian | ’20

2 thoughts on “‘Bra’ by Angela Qian”

  • The entire nostalgic feel of this piece feels like a trip transported back to the past, and I really appreciate all of the soft imagery. I also just really love the connection of the training bra to the memory described in the poem, it combines the concrete and abstract in a beautiful and meaningful way.

  • The creativity of this is unmatched; the bra, the poem, the raw emotions, all of it. I absolutely love the line, “That pushing a kiss into the nook of your ear.” So well done! It’s authentic and beautiful. 🙂

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