‘Persephone’ by Sam Proctor

‘Persephone’ by Sam Proctor

Waiting beneath the rubble of youth,
Femininity mixed with delusion,
He took the air out of her lungs,
And refused to color her human.

He covered her in smoke,
Her representing all that were, all that are,
and all that wish to be
In the comfort of the embrace called female.

Take her arms and lift her higher
Wings spread, hearts flared,
Over the charred remains of her worth,
until she screams Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

and suffocates beneath it.

Sam Proctor | ’19

1 thought on “‘Persephone’ by Sam Proctor”

  • The creativity it requires to think of drawing on a perfume bottle is stellar! i love this poem and also the message it holds. This reminded me of the Goddess Venus/ Aphrodite, which is also YOU! Sorry, but seriously this is so amazing.

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