‘Manufactured Echo’ by Lily Davison

‘Manufactured Echo’ by Lily Davison

Manufactured Echo

It goes a little something like this;
You’re feeling a little light headed and
It’s completely dark backstage, so you
Unpack each organ and emotion till
You’re vulnerable enough for the stage.

Your ears are under water and your lungs aren’t far off too,
But you still have to walk out there
On your shaky, rented legs and smile and breathe
And please, god don’t trip over a wire because
You’ve practiced this song a thousand times over.

But you’ve made it,
That blinding white abyss that hides nothing and no one,
And you hear the manufactured echo of your own wavering voice,
A thank you, a deep breath, and a blank stare.
Then nothing but a single plucked string.

Lily Davison | ’19

1 thought on “‘Manufactured Echo’ by Lily Davison”

  • I love the voice in this poem! There are touch of personality in it, from the introduction of “it goes a little something like this” to the “please, god.” So good.

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