Double Take

Double Take

When was the last time you thought about a door handle? Or a candlestick? You tend not to give it much thought, right? Double take shall be your guide, starring Jonathan Fanshaw, to the everyday things you never think twice about, showing just how vital (or not) they truly are.
Ladies and gentlemen, take a seat and relish in my wonderful tale of today’s topic.
You see, once upon a time, roughly an early morning, a young boy sat in his bead wondering. He wondered about many things, but this boy could only wonder so much. So, he wondered about what to wonder, and in his wondering, he wondered if his wondering was to much of a wonder to worry about wondering anymore. But honestly, in my humble opinion, the boy’s incessant wondering makes me believe he has several screws loose.
And yes, this entire opening led to a cheesy segway into the actual topic: Screws.
Screws hold together most things in our lives. The bed you sleep in has screws. The chair you sit on has screws. The shelf you store things in has screws. A ton of things we use every day have screws in them, we just tend not to notice that much.
Fun fact, there are over 40 different types of screws in the world, each with varying lengths and purposes. There’s the Mortorq, Triple Square, the Pentalobe and, my personal favorite based on names alone, the Robertson. Clearly, someone thought better then to use its real name, ANSI Type III Square Center, and just wanted to save everyone some time.
In all honesty though, I was really surprised by how many types of screws there really were, not to mention all their different uses. Some are made lighter to use for flying, or smaller to give more room for other parts of a project. But all of them play a vital role in whatever they’re a part of, and it’s rather respectable in that regard.
Simple machines, if you recall them, include our unsung hero. This small, seemingly forgettable piece is one of the bases for most any, if not all, complex machines. If that doesn’t put it into perspective, then I don’t know what will. It’s like saying gravity plays a role in our everyday lives, just with toasters instead.
Next time you find yourself putting together your newest furniture piece from Ikea, take a moment to embrace all that these loveable fasteners provide…then don’t think about why you have three left over. It’ll probably be fine.

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  • Okay- huge shout-out to you for letting your comedic voice prevail, because Jonathan, i can literally hear you reading this aloud. i love it. i think the overall idea of writing — creatively — around otherwise boring and mundane objects is incredibly entertaining.

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