I’ve always wondered what songs look like. Wouldn’t it be interesting if we could give our feelings and the sounds we hear a way to be seen? I’ll be taking some of the most well-known songs and creating them into art form, spilling out my thoughts and senses with pencil and paint

“Africa” by Toto:
The sunny skies of the early morning bring some hope to the day, yet the weather forecast seems to think otherwise. The sunrise is filled with shades of yellow and orange, hints of red. Rain is expected to arrive right as my sister is walking down the aisle. The amount of love in the air and excitement helps us ignore the impending downpour and we continue to prepare for the most important day of her life. After hours of hair, makeup, and dresses, the time has come. I remember the tears of joy at first glimpse of her in her incredible gown. I watch through the window as the once empty seats are filled with familiar faces of family and friends. That beautiful orange sky is now filled with blue and grey, foreshadowing what we all expect will come. It is time for the bridesmaids, me included, to take our walk to the altar and wait. As I step outside I’m overcome by how beautiful the weather is. Despite the clouds and grey skies, the temperature is perfect and the wind is gentle. Never have I experienced such a glorious ceremony filled with such smiles and warm embrace. And, through it all, not a single drop of rain.
The night seems to fly by after that. Before I know it, everyone is dancing and singing on the dancefloor of the venue. All kinds of colors are spinning and floating around absorbing the joy of the moment. The music begins to quiet down signifying the start of a new song. The familiar beat fills my ears and everyone else seems to recognize it too. “Africa” by Toto plays effortlessly through the speakers. In that moment the dancefloor was filled with the most unity it had all night. Everyone singing the words and dancing along as though they didn’t have a care in the world. I knew then that my sister had picked this for the playlist, knowing full well the positive reaction it would get. Energy filled the drunken and tired wedding guests. Once the song ended, I stepped outside to get a water from the bar. That was when I heard it. The intense downpour of millions of water droplets hitting the roof and the grass around me. Rain.

Catherine Elliot |’20

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  • The art, though abstract, matches with the song and story perfectly. I loved that the writing alone painted its own picture with its descriptive imagery, and I could recognize different parts of the story when I looked at the artwork a second time.

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