Spiritual Healing: A Guide

Spiritual Healing: A Guide

Magic- isn’t that a sort of witchcraft? To Nicole, it’s everything but witchcraft, it is healing; it is her equivalent to your god. Crystals, essential oils, tarot cards carry spiritual power, only activated when you learn to believe. Call her a hippie, sure- she’s heard it before. Leave her & her crystals be 🙂

My aunt hooked me on crystals and oils when I visited her for this past summer. Selling beads and all sorts of jewelry, she lectured me about all the science-y aspects of gemstones and their healing properties and whatnot, and it felt so intriguing. I wanna learn this! Tiff once told me that when looking for your “signature” crystal, your eyes will draw to it like a magnet. It was only when I laid my eyes on moonstone that the epiphany struck: its intricacy and iridescence resemble that of a cat’s eye- a rainbow cat’s eye, and the intuitive instinct arose from the pit of my stomach that this was my stone. My lucky charm.

I was at Aunt Tiffany’s house when I finagled her moonstone ring. Fiddling with her necklaces, rings, and bracelets in the bathroom, she was confused as to why I was in there for so long. Shopping, I told her. Yeah that’s right, me, trying all her jewelry as if I were taken to the mall with all the money in the world. Eventually, a silver ring with a giant chunk of moonstone resonated with me and I immediately sought her approval. The ring fit perfectly, like Cinderella’s glass slipper, which only made me fall in love with it even more. Thrilled, I flaunted my ring that day until Tiff, who also cherished the ring, said I couldn’t keep it- it was far too special to her.

She decided that since giving up her moonstone was out of the question, she promised me a necklace with an assortment some other crystals/jewelry of my own. So here I am, a hipster with a collection, and knowledge of the vibrations of crystals and chakras. Moonstone continues to be my signature crystal. Associated with the crown chakra, it is said to sync with the moon to recharge your spiritual and feminine energies, boosting intuition- sometimes I am desperate for an energy cleanse. A cleanse full moons and moonstone give me.

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  • This storytelling aspect of this post is so thought out and realistic. It sets the tone and sends me there to your aunt’s jewelry shop with you. So well done!

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