My toes dangled above a seemingly endless pit
To fall would be a certain death
Pointless loss when I smash into the bottom
But What if it’s not?

I felt drawn to the mysteries the abyss held
My heart pounded as I gazed into the dark
Jagged rocks weaved around the walls of the chasm
The murky darkness dared me to learn its secrets

Small rocks slipped into the pit as I edged forward
Disappearing in the shadows down below
Crashing to an almost certain doom
A similar journey to that which I planned to embark
I wanted to jump not out of hopelessness

But out of need
I needed to know what was down there
Curiosity has always been my weakness
No question can be left unanswered
What I don’t know will eat me alive

It wouldn’t be jumping I think to myself
I’d be stepping off
That has a better ring to it
There’s no use overthinking
At this point it’s a no-brainer

I close my eyes and step off into the unknown
The inky blackness of the pit envelopes me
Air rushes around body
I expect to fall
Instead I fly

Emily Rosenbaum | ’20

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