America’s ____ with ____.

America’s ____ with ____.

America’s Alarming Obsession with Dogs
Bergamasco shepherd. Chinook. Otterhound. Norwegian lundehund. Finnish spitz. Swedish lapphund. Mundi. Azawakh. Pharaoh hound. Peruvian inca orchidIt. The list goes on.
It’s a competition- the one with the most exotic, obscure breed of dog wins. I have finally mustered up the courage to address this problem- no- this epidemic. I am writing to confront America’s alarming obsession with dogs. Dog is a man’s best friend, Americans take this statement to the next level. A house is not a home without a dog for the family.
My main concern is that the average American family does not have the sufficient amount of time required to take care of these hairy life forms. Mom and dad work a nine to five: they leave the house at eight and get home at six. The children are at school from eight to two, they leave the house at seven and get home at three. The dog is home alone for seven hours, not counting the time the humans are ignoring it- eating dinner, watching television. Additionally, dog ownership is technically a form of physical imprisonment- keeping the dog hostage: go outside when the humans allow it, eat when the humans allow it, go to the bathroom when the humans allow it.
The dog is lonely, eagerly awaiting its only companions. I view this as a form of emotional slavery- people show attention and affection towards their dogs when they’re bored or lonely. Like a child with an old toy, they toss them aside when they’re done. Sometimes entire families act this way and abandon their dogs, realizing that it was too big of a commitment for them to handle. Why do you think there are so many dogs shelters in America?
Not to mention putting value on dogs for their breeds. This is perhaps the most alarming habit concerning dog owners- the pure bread phenomenon. Obsessing over the prestige of a blood line eerily reminds me of the idea of creating a master Aryan race. Furthermore, this breeding often mutilates and disables the dogs, as in the case of pure bred pugs. The guilt that I believe should be felt when dog shopping can be equated to the repressed guilt felt by first world shoppers when shopping at cheap chain stores such as Forever 21. Their love for cheap prices over powers the guilt they feel knowing tiny little Malaysian hands from tiny little Malaysian children made those clothes, getting paid ten cents an hour for their labor.

Tatyana Sabirzhanova | ’19

4 thoughts on “America’s ____ with ____.”

  • Tanya, this is genius! You addressed an issue I and many others have wondered about, in a logical and convincing way. This concept is so refreshing, and your take on it mixes humor and reason perfectly. I was laughing at the beginning, and questioning everything about life at the end. It took me on a journey. Not to mention the ideas are brilliant, like comparing dog shopping to shopping at Forever 21.

  • Preach! I love the attention you gave to the flaws of purebreds. Also your off course comments about fast fashion, really interesting.

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