Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen:
The crisp introduction of isolated vocals surrounds me with the sensation of wonder. I’m brought back to a time where the only thing that really mattered or sprouted any hope within me was the thrill of a concert. The gleaming yellow lights of the stage gradually fill the arena with awe. Clouds of colorful smoke rush in and blow back and forth over the crowd. The piano is both chilling and comforting. It’s almost as if Freddie Mercury is in the room singing to me. Something about the effortless rhythm is just breathtaking. Everything takes a turn. Passion fills the instruments and I remember why I am here. The chorus voices flood with the most brilliant colors. The stage lights flash in an out with purples and reds and blues. Energy fills the arena. That same yellow light encompasses everything again for a brief moment, yet this time there’s more confidence within. It’s striving for something and becoming an unstoppable, blinding force. The notes rise in intensity until they stop, suspended, you know it’s coming, the irresistible headbanging guitar moment. As the guitar picks up I feel the sense that I can do anything in this world. I feel invincible. The way this song captures such a realistic and personal setting allows it to resonate so comfortably in my mind. Red, harsh lights fill the stage to match this new vigor. Not long after this energetic build up, the song slowly reverts back to that original serenity from the beginning. This time, that yellow light is joined by some hints of green and blue. This time, everything is a little more faded, the show is ending. The bright lights are now blue and black. A beautiful piano chord lingers long after I take my mind away from that concert arena. Nothing really matters after that.

Catherine Elliot | ’20

5 thoughts on “Synethesia”

  • Love the last line as an allusion to the song. Thank you for helping me SEE this song- so interesting, particularly your thoughts on the crescendo of the song as shades of purple.

  • Catherine, the imagery in this is astounding. The addition of greens and blues as the show is ending made me feel that moment on another level, and the piece ends with a brilliant allusion that resonates so hard and leaves me wanting to keep re-reading it, just to keep finding more magical phrases.

  • Wow! I love the arc of your writing that wields the song playing in my head to control the intensity and momentum. When you said, “I feel invincible”, my heart beat faster. I agree!

  • The commentary that you make around your art gives it so much more feeling. Makes it evident that each brushstroke has purpose.

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