Let us type with
Fury, fingers flying as fast as
The fleeing birds that shriek
With earsplitting clarity.

As their homes
Are demolished let us bend in
Immense pain, our breath stolen by
The horrifying sight of a phone that
Stares up at us

As mothers are crying goodbye to
Their children, forced from
The nest too early, we
Develop our profiles and filter
Our pictures wondering if they
Look effortless while little birds
Are in distress, wings still soft only
Peppered with a few strong feathers.
Struggling, while we
Stop to complain about the
Weather and the abominable background
The darkening sky creates for our pre-planned
Instagramed snapshots of life.

As creatures fall to their graves
We are balled over
Laughing at the bright screens we
Hug dearly, searching for amusement
While the young creatures beat their
Wind-up toy wings slower as they tire
Even though their time has expired

Meghan Robinson ’18 || Lit Staff

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