Where is the Art?

Where is the Art?

Where is the art?

In school, we’re taught
That the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell,
But not
That art is the powerhouse for the imagination.
We cultivate our minds,
But not our souls,
We’re turning to
Cold and
St-st-stumbling over feelings.
Since when is science and sports
And math more important
Where has the art gone?

The heart has lost its art,
And I have lost my passion
Yes, science and math are necessary,
But our generation has become real scary,
Modern Frankensteins bringing life
To the artificial
But these designs aren’t beneficial,
They want to alter our genetics,
And make the rich live longer,
They are the ones
Who are shutting down our libraries,
Because books can disintegrate,
But a nuclear bomb
Can disintegrate our enemies.
We lost our humanity,
When we lost the art.

Emily Williams ’18 || Online Content Editor

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