“America the Beautiful”

“America the Beautiful”

“America the Beautiful

I recognize it’s expected to excerpt the declaration
But I’m sensing some inflation in the
Creation of the female equality negation
Equality is like a filigree
It’s sits on its high horse for all to see
Doing little and mocking me
But is it real? I disagree.

The people
The addressees

Have stitched together a hyperbole
One that decrees all men and me
Have equality, in the land of the free
This declaration

But women have spent the entire duration
Of their lives ensnared in a fixation that men are more exceptional and
Women are emotional
It’s the notion that women only have emotion and scented lotion
It’s Newton’s first law of motion
Anything at rest retains its rest
So how long are we going to remain at rest?

You glimpse these implements
These feelings compressed
How women get 80% of a man’s dollar at best
And you think of all the minuscule effects
But the trick is, it manifests
People see gender inequality as it’s expressed
They take that as a message
That we will stomach excessive sexism
Yes, this has progressed but
Should we get paid less for the way that we’re dressed?

Brilliant women let’s hear it for resilient women
Involuntarily the victims of gendered decisions
In this subdivision,
Women in the working field are seen as less driven, less likely to be given
The job
This vision of gendered provisions sets apart ladies with remarkable precision

Yes this is not a fair world, but for America the beautiful
Equality is missing, a
Quality gender is being dismissed
However in reminiscing we have taken measures in the right
Direction and in a decade of diligent disconnection
I salute these corrections
In a time of unrest, let’s not forget that we are blessed
To be alive and live with zest
Let us never stay at rest

Bella Martin ’18 || Lit Staff

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