To those who think massacres and speak bullets

To those who think massacres and speak bullets

To those who think massacres and speak bullets

Before you open your mouth
Consider the warped words leaving it as
Poison seeping out of the cracks between your lips
Suffocating and killing my insides.
My lungs and throat deteriorate,
Each time I breathe in your hateful words,

I hold my breath to live

My eyes begin to pool.
Cries out blood from the cruel wounds because
A mouth is simply a tool
To fuel a fire and
To sharpen tongues with words
Into a dagger,

Don’t stab me.

Think of them as
acid flowing and spilling out
Deceivingly looking like a waterfall amidst a drought
Tempting my temptations
And luring me in
To degrade
To disintegrate
To demolish the last of my sanity, my mentality.

I hide away to live

You speak of love
As if roses rise and grow from your mouth,
But I learned that
Love is not the subtle sweetness of a strawberry shortcake
And the smell of a bouquet of red roses
And the appearance of swans on a calm lake under the midnight moon
And the feeling of lying awake in cozy, comfy clouds.
I learned that to love is to ache,
Is to lose
Is to give up everything you have
Is to completely surrender yourself to the other.

Roses are not simply flowers.
They are weapons,
That cut
And hurt
And bring tears to your eyes.

I don’t love to live

I don’t talk but I hurt.
I slam and bang the walls
I am as fragile as glass
And when glass falls,
It shatters,
Constantly crashing onto cold, hard grounds
I claw at the door to escape
And I stomp when I run away.

Ju Kim ’18 || Art Staff

1 thought on “To those who think massacres and speak bullets”

  • This spoken word is so powerful! I love how you say “poison seeps” from mouths to imply the message we hear about words hurting in a new way. Super duper awesome and amazing figurative language.

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