I live whole days within my dreams,
It feels good to feel, doesn’t it?
In my dreams, there’s a deaf dog to keep me company.
I’m blind.
I tell him, “Oh, I see.” There’s no response.
But that’s fine.
Because it’s nice in there.
In my head.
In my dreams.
But when the human voices wake me
My tears drown me into the seams
Of my pillow,
In a warm cast of my body’s radiation,
Dry-mouthed and morning-breathed.
Pick yourself up.
Pick yourself up.
Pick yourself up.
As my bare feet stomp whole-footed onto
The unforgiving floor, I stare back into
My bed and think what could’ve
But my dreams have already left my memory,
And my body’s impression has
Translated back into my body’s depression
As my bed rises back into place.
I don’t remember the rest of the morning.
I just remember the rest of my mourning,
Saddened by the routine forgetfulness of a full thought.
I just know that it’s dark, not enough to be blind,
But not enough to be seen.
I sit, wishing it was time to dream of deserts and camel heels
Time to fall asleep in an endless trail of chamomile,
But in a bitter earl grey ridden wake up,
I wake up
And read the paper
And start my day
And save it for later
And cough twice
And watch vice
And head into town
And look down.
Always look down.
Watch for cracks,
Watch for crumbs on your quarter-zip and khakis,
Watch your phone,
Hide your face
And it’s not a race and
It’s not necessary
To look up.
Because if you look
You might see what’s really there.
If you took the time to look you might
Wish you were asleep because
When we look there is emotion to create
And god forbid.

Look at the frustration in your mother’s eyes turning irate.
Look at that test grade determining your fate.
Look at our leader spewing juvenile words hate.
Look at our superintendent turning inmate.
Look at that doggy spending its days in a crate.
Look at that girl on the corner wanting nothing more than a clean slate.
Look at us all looking down like a fish watches bait.
Or don’t, neck down, eyes open in a real world staring at the fake.
Just look at the digital world that our minds create
Because to tell the truth, it seems like
That’s all we can take.

Hayden Cohee ’18 | Lit Staff

2 thoughts on “A DAY IN THE LIFE.”

  • The repetition makes this so powerful! I love the series of lines that start with “look”. The idea of just wanting to stay in your own head is so relatable.

    Second- this is a really great piece. I love how simple it is. But at the same time, it’s also not simple. I think the personal touch of this is really well done.

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