A.R.T.S. (Always Ready To Suffer)

A.R.T.S. (Always Ready To Suffer)

Do you ever wonder what the hell is going on in the mind of an artist? Why they’re always complaining? Why they’re poor and starving? Why they’re always so… weird? Or maybe you ARE an artist and just want that sweet sweet validation? In this blog, you can read about the messed up world that is the art community and all the things that go on in there through the eyes of your local suffering artist, Samantha Papastephanou.

Art kids can get away with anything. That is a fact. If I wanted to carry a dead body around I probably could get away with it as long as I have some paint streaks on my face or a paintbrush in my hair. It’s wild. One time I wanted to melt straws over a flame. I don’t know why. This is what happens when I feel like procrastinating. But what I do know is that when my mother came home earlier than expected and walked into the kitchen to see me hunched over a candle with a pile of shriveled up plastic, she wasn’t nearly as concerned as I thought she’d be as soon as I said “I’m taking a reference photo”. All she responded with was “oh ok just turn on the fan when you’re done.” Not “what the hell are you doing, you’re going to get sick breathing in these plastic fumes” or “shouldn’t you be cleaning your room”. Just “oh alright it’s just another dumb art thing I don’t understand”. Basically what I’m saying is that artists are to be feared.

Samantha Papastephanou ’18 || Art staff

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  • I, uh, sadly relate to this. I mean, I have new friends that don’t entirely understand this yet, but it’s gotten to the point that my family can. I tend to disappear for days before reemerging from my cave like a drowsy bear after hibernation, but they’re used to that and really don’t care anymore. Feels good.

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