Botany Oddity

Botany Oddity

“Botany Oddity” explores the connotations that reside in plants from florets to flowerets. You will provided a different flower biweekly, its meaning, significance, and some history whether it be fictional mentions or its real world usage.

This week, we will take a look at Alliums. Alliums are known to grow in aster-violet bulbs typically, being resistant to many animals too. Prosperity is one of it’s symbolism, the others being humility, patience, and unity. As alliums are related to onions, onion derives from the latin word “unio,” or unity which correlates to the allium flower.

Sandy Medrano ’18 || Art Staff

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  • I really love the simplicity of this blog. It’s so relaxing and informative. The pleasant aesthetic and gentle air gives the mind and eye a place to relax. Great work!

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