Camp Nonpartum

Camp Nonpartum

Step into a world sans originality. In this dystopian fiction series, explore the life of a prisoner in one of the strictest population camps under the “Non Partum” regime through the diary entries of a young girl. Prisoner No. 1786 journals her experience in the dictator-ruled nation after stealing a paper, despite writing being a crime punishable by death. Despite the danger, she’ll ignite a rebellion in herself and inspire revolution among many.

Dear Diary,
Is it too boring to call you that? Should I think of something more original? I don’t have much creativity left in me. They made sure of it.
I’ve been at Camp Thirteen for a month now. It took me two weeks to plan out how I would steal you from the guard. I knew he couldn’t complain to the grand master about thievery since writing is outlawed from all persons. He would face more trouble than me. Getting the ink was rather easy. All I had to do was fib that my ink well and feather ran dry so that I was instructed to dispose it and grab a new one. The guard didn’t even bother to check the well.
When I first arrived here, there was a two day “cleansing” initiation. They shaved my golden hair I had been growing since I was eight. They held me down and pried open my eyes to put drops in. I couldn’t see for two days. When I finally got my vision back, my eyes had been turned grey, the crystal blue they once were faded away into nothingness. I still have my tattoo, the specialist hasn’t arrived yet to remove it. I shall cherish it for as long as God wills me. Although, I’m beginning to believe God doesn’t exist anymore.

Kelly Stone ’18 || Lit Editor

2 thoughts on “Camp Nonpartum”

  • I love the idea of this blog! The ending gave me chills “although, I’m beginning to believe God doesn’t exist anymore.” I’m on the edge of my seat and I cannot wait to read more!

  • The whole concept for this blog is really interesting. Writing to the reader like they’re the journal or diary feels fresh and new.

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