Botany Oddity

Botany Oddity

“Botany Oddity” explores the connotations that reside in plants from florets to flowerets. You will provided a different flower biweekly, its meaning, significance, and some history whether it be fictional mentions or its real world usage.

According to Victorian interpretation, there is a brimming yellow flower that signifies secret love, friendship, and elegance; the Acacia. Acacia trees and their blossoms have been used to drive away evil spirits historically, which is done by burning it. It’s very positive, even having been used in the bible during Hiram Abiff’s funeral, a.k.a the man who built King Solomon’s temple in Jerusalem. Further on Moses even made a tabernacle out of acacia wood. From what is seen one can utilize this flower to lighten up a room’s mood with how yellow and enlightening it is.

Sandy Medrano ’18 || Art Staff

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