One Word: Feminism

One Word: Feminism

Catcalling: make a whistle, shout, or comment of a sexual nature to a woman passing by.

When I asked senior Grace Gary about catcalling she said “it’s kinda gross like thank you that you think I’m attractive but the concept of catcalling is so degrading like there are so many better things that I do that’s not just walking down the street looking pretty. I feel like I just keep walking but definitely walk faster to get away from those creeps.”

I agree with her here. The women being catcalled are so much more than just pretty faces and it really gets under my skin sometimes that it’s the only way I’m seen just because I’m cute. Gary is intelligent and talented and kind, but the random guy on the street reduces her merely to a body put on earth for his enjoyment. And yes, she’s
pretty but she is so much more than that.

When Britt Farley, senior, was asked she said “I have not been catcalled really. I’ve had people stare at me for too long and be weird on public transit, but nothing like yelling at me or trying to talk to me or anything. I usually just ignore the creepy people on public transit, but I feel like if anyone actually audibly catcalled me, I would probably say something snarky in reply because that’s just my personality! The whole catcalling is a form of sexual harassment and is always unwanted no matter what.”

I really relate to Farley here. I feel like most girls know what it’s like to be stared at in public. And while the person isn’t necessarily doing anything wrong, it’s discomforting and almost makes me fear for my safety. And she is right. Catcalling is unwanted and therefore sexual harassment.

When I asked junior, Kailon Monroe about cat calling he said he only catcalled “Usually just my friends” so because there is a relationship they typically “laugh or take it in a joking manner.”

While Monroe technically is a catcaller, he knows when it’s appropriate to say such things. He can evaluate the relationship with a friend and gauge their response. Monroe isn’t offending anyone by complimenting his friends. But that is the sole difference. He’s friends with these girls so they can know for certain how he means what he’s saying.

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