A Winning Fashion

A Winning Fashion

Fashion of Winning is an inside look into the ever changing wardrobes of today’s athletes ranging from high school to the professionals. In order to be a winner, you need to look like a winner.

Every pro athlete started from high school and then went to college (except Kobe and LeBron because they do everything better). So why not talk about the fashion of today’s high school athletes to start off this series? And who other to be the first of my talk but LaMelo Ball. That boy got a Lamborghini for his sweet sixteen and has his own shoe in his family’s ‘Big Baller Brand’. His older brother LiAngelo doesn’t even have a shoe yet and he is going to UCLA this fall. Now why is that so? Maybe it is that Lavar, Melo’s father, hates him? That could be true since he told ESPN LiAngelo wouldn’t make the NBA – except the real reason is because he truly can’t. As a college athlete, you are not able to be paid to perform your sport. Receiving money for a shoe, would count as getting paid to play.

So when thinking about it, the MB1: a camo and red shoe with a red lace and low cut top, featured in the ‘Big Baller Brand’ commercial, could cost LaMelo a chance to play for UCLA. He committed as a freshman but due to his deal, it seems it may never go through. He had better hope the money from his shoe is worth the millions he is losing at a chance in the NBA. And trust me, after releasing a commercial that idiotic, he blew a great chance.

Watch the dumbest commercial here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l4hnTOj1vj4

Adam Zimmerman ’18 || Lit Staff

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