About a Goldfish

About a Goldfish

Your fins are
tattered and torn,
just limp
hanging from your body like
Your eyes dart around,
from all surroundings,
searching for life,
which you are slowly losing.
Your gills open and close faster than I can blink,
never changing pace,
in sync with your heart,
so miniscule,
yet, running a marathon
through your skeletal figure.
Has your life persisted years upon years,
or have you been replaced day after day with
another identical organism,
a clone perhaps.
Maybe its that gold,
that iron,
that mineral
that runs through your veins,
pumping the blood,
propelling you to stay alive
just one more swift
waking moment,
or maybe its just
in my memories.

Faith Hall ’18 || Art Staff

1 thought on “About a Goldfish”

  • I love that you took something so mundane and turned it into the focus of such a reflective piece. The beauty in the simplicity of a goldfish’s life comes through in the imagery and tone.


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