Smashing the Zone

Smashing the Zone

There are so many things to smash: the patriarchy, an ex’s teeth, or even car windows like Beyoncé in Lemonade. “Smashing The Zone” centers on Bella Martin as she attempts to shatter the perhaps most intimidating zone of all: the comfort zone.

Today I’m going to do something wild, so buckle up. I’m going to give a wee bit of background just so you can understand where I’m coming from.

As the days go on, I can feel my confidence swelling, expanding, and growing. Of course some days are worse than others and insecurity hangs off my body like an oversized sweater, but hey isn’t life just one big fluctuation?

Ironically, the pressure of AP courses, college applications and extracurricular activities do more good than harm. They provide me with something to do, something to occupy my mind, something that I’m solid at.

So what exactly am I doing? Drumroll please….telling strangers that they’re pretty! Super adventurous right?

So I roll up at the Towson Town Center and I mentally prepare myself for a wild time. Sitting by the fountain to gather my composure, I scope out my audience. A group of ladies walk by, definitely suburban moms because they’re wearing slip on clogs. Hard pass, I mean of course they are pretty but I’m not prepared to tell them yet.

Walking up to the teavana counter, the attendant smiles at me and asks if there is anything I’m looking for. I return the grin, rehearsing my one words over and over again in my head: “I just want to say that you’re really pretty.” The words spill from my mouth and her smiling facade melts in a full on beam. Her eyes lit up as she thanked me and returned the compliment.

It’s crazy how a few simple words can make someone’s day and it’s crazy how little effort it takes. All you need is simple self confidence.

Bella Martin ’18 || Lit Staff

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