the creativity pool at dulaney high



You can describe me as a cactus;
I’m not flourishing with pigmented petals,
Or enveloped in a multitude of leaves,
But I’m pleasingly simple.

What I appear to be truly doesn’t define my whole,
My real potential resides within me.
I’ll guard even my weaknesses
Barricading them within my spines.

They’re as sharp as my tongue,
Naturally I am decorated with this defense,
The prickly spines laced delicately on me.
It’s the only way to distance myself.

From a distance you can see me blend in,
But by myself you’ll see the details;
Fallen remnants and fragments because of time
Accompanied by the glistening of my colors regardless.

You don’t have to look after me so much;
I’ll be alright on my own.
My simplistic lifestyle keeps me at ease,
It’s in my nature.

Sandy Medrano ’18 || Art Staff

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