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To The Writer Inside Me…

On writing...

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On writing...

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I know how your knuckles itch with words your mouth is too cowardly to speak. I know how sometimes the spit under your tongue feels more like a lyrical puddle than saliva. I know how weird that sounds to people who don’t have someone like you inside them.

Sometimes, the beauty of more talented writers knocks the wind out of me, and in turn, the pride out of you. But just know, they have been at this longer. They have spent more days with itchy knuckles and pools of spit in their mouths.

Sometimes, the grief of the world will rain down on you like a summer night storm. You will feel things pain you didn’t know was possible. Channel it or ignore it.
But most of the time, you will create magic by a glide of a pen. You will create life, fabricate far off lands, and generate inspiration.

Your words are all you have. Use them wisely.

Kelly Stone 18′ || Literary Staff

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