Unapologetically Feminist

Unapologetically Feminist

To a lot of people feminism is a dirty word, something they don’t want to associate with, something that is radical and intimidating. That is not what Feminism is. Feminism is about equality, not being ashamed of who you are, and having the opportunity to choose your own path in life without being limited by your gender. You’re invited to join with me to celebrate feminism in all its amazingness.

The Dinner Party

The dinner party is is an art installation at the Brooklyn Museum of art. Created by feminist Judy Chicago and represents 1,038 women in history on plates and with names written on the floor including Sacajawea, Sojourner Truth, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Empress Theodora of Byzantium, Virginia Woolf, Susan B. Anthony, and Georgia O’Keeffe. The place setting feature butterflies and vulva shapes celebrating the female perspective that has largely been ignored in art and history.

the dinner party 2

the dinner party

trhe dinner party 3

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Amanda Molino 18′ || Literary Staff

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