Musical Musings

Musical Musings

I’ve been surrounded by music my entire life. It was always constantly playing around me and it seemed like my whole world was written out in lyrics and music notes. When I listen to music, I feel like the artist themselves is speaking to me and presenting me with these mental images and concepts. So, I wanted to present my twist and write about the lyrics and album concepts of some musicians. Hope you enjoy reading!


“In the dead of the night I start to lose control,
But I still carry the weight like I’ve always done before.”
-Turn Blue by the Black Keys

Weight of the Night

When dawn turns to black dust,
Suffocating the once cobalt sky,
Minds choke on ideas
Powered by depths
Of imagination
And memories of those lost in
The eternal clock that ticks
On and on,
Emitting warmth that is
Associated with fevers.
When blood runs
Through chilled veins
In the form of blue ink,
Azure that spills,
Painted across
The dark cape of night,
Once again.

Emily Williams 18′ || Literary Staff

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