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The Literature Zone

Whenever I can find the time, I am constantly reading. I love researching highly recommended novels and enjoying them over a hot cup of tea. Reading is so pleasurable to me because the changed mindset and inspiration I leave the novel with is so invaluable. Join me as I shed light onto what makes a great book great!

For this blog entry, I wanted to write about one of my summer reads. Like most Stephen King novels, I really enjoyed this one. Released in 1983, Pet Cemetery is a chilling, suspenseful novel.


Pet Cemetery
By: Stephen King
5 Stars

Plot: Dr. Louis Creed, his wife-Rachel, his children, and his pet cat move from Chicago to a rural town in Maine. Their new neighbor, Jud Crandall has lived in Ludlow for quite some time and he warns the Louis of the potential dangers of the town: the highway in front of the neighborhood and the land beyond the pet cemetery. The pet cemetery is a place where children from the area would bury their dead pets.
Within a few months, their cat (Church) is hit by a car on the aforementioned highway. Sympathetic, Jud takes Church to the land beyond the pet cemetery, which is an ancient burial site that was used by Micmac Indians who believed that burying animals in the burial site brings them back to life. Louis’ cat is revived, but he is different. Fast forward a few months and Louis’ son (Gage) gets hit by a car on the highway. Distraught, Louis decides to bury Gage in the ancient burial site in order to revive him.

Review: I absolutely love this novel! Stephen King has an amazing knack for vivid and horror imagery. I never really did read horror novels before this but ever since then I’ve been obsessed. Stephen King’s novels have great plots and details. I absolutely recommend this novel for anyone that loves horror because this novel is truly nail-biting and chilling.

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