I can’t spend a day without making something new. Art is my addiction and passion and my goal is to keep improving when I create art. It’s a way of expression for many, including me. Now, many of us lose motivation or can’t seem to be inspired due to various obstacles. I’m going to help you fight that art block and stay on the road to creativity, helping you step by step.

I stumbled upon another artist recently who is well known for having pieces that look impossible. The name of this conceptual artist is Leandro Erlich who is from Argentina. Leandro is mostly recognized for his “Swimming Pool Piece” which elicits the illusion of being underwater. Even so, his works are internationally displayed; Venice, Japan, etc. He still continues to create more bizarre things, leaving all of us dumbfounded in awe and I can’t wait for what he creates next!

You can find more of his works here.


Sandy Medrano 18′ || Art Staff

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