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I look in the mirror and tug at my cheeks every morning wondering what they’ll look like 50 years from now– how every crevice and crease will age into loose and sagging skin. The phenomenon known as aging fascinates me.

Even though my bones will no longer move like a well-oiled machine, I know that each pain will have several blocks full of memories keeping my joints stacked together. Now my pains come from exercise and the boy who captured my heart in the convenient store. I long for aches that come from experience. Backpacking across mountains and chasing after my kids. Endless drives with unknown destinations and plummets into the ocean so deep that my thoughts briefly escape my own being.

Staring into my own eyes I realize that as a reader I have begun to think of my life as a story of its own— every person entering my life having a purpose to that particular chapter, and every experience developing the plot. I don’t see bad days as just bad days anymore, I see them as lessons from the unknown. Blessed moments are more than just that; they’re signs from above, symbols, that I should explore and cherish just a little more than every yesterday. Yet still, I should never fear what is to come from tomorrow.

I know that I’m not ready for my existence to come to an end. But I pray that one day, I can return to this very mirror. So satisfied with what my life has become, that I’d be perfectly content with the next time I close my eyes being the last.

Aliah Walls 17′ || Literary Staff

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Cracked Reflection