Things to do Over Spring Break

    Despite the snow that, for some reason, keeps poisoning spring, we mostly have nice weather. Spring break is coming up and, considering school work kind of becomes your life during the year, I’m sure you need a couple of ideas on what to do. So, here are a couple ideas:

1. Drive with all your windows rolled down, stick your head out the window like a dog (trust me, there’s a reason they do it — it’s wonderful) and blast “Bad Girlfriend” by Theory of a Deadman. Now, you’re basically in any basic teen movie.
    Note: make sure to learn the lyrics and sing obnoxiously loud.

2. Go for a nice walk in the woods, take a short cut home, and get lost for about four hours. If you’re lucky, you’ll find some wild raspberries.

3. Chase the geese!!! One thing everyone must experience is to have a goose start squawking at them.

4. Break into an abandoned building. Checking it out and knowing the history will give you chills.

5. Go to Beaver Dam and swing on the rope, no matter how scared you are. It’ll give you a rush, and it’s fun as hell.

6. Go to an outdoor trampoline park. (Skyzone – beware.)

7. Get a hair cut. Just get one.

8. Make Easter eggs with dirty messages on them (just to throw people off).


Taylor DeSilva ’16 || Lit Staff

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