Songs You Probs Heard on the Middle School Bus Ride Home

*Note that all these songs may give you flash backs to your middle school years that you’d rather forget; do not read if you do not wish to relive them in vivid detail*

1. CALL ME MAYBE by Carly Rae Jepsen – Of course I had to start with this song. Well, this was always playing in the mornings along with some sappy country song about girls or beer or whatever, and it was so repetitive that you had it in your head all day and found yourself whistling or humming it in the halls.

2. WE ARE YOUNG by F.U.N. Featuring Janelle Monae – Ironic that the bus played this on the rainy days it took you home from school only to have you go home and do homework. We were too young to see the greater message in this song, but it was easy to listen to.

3. WHAT MAKES YOU BEAUTIFUL by One Direction – I swear this song played on repeat the entire bus ride home and whether you loved 1D or hated them, the lyrics were ALWAYS in your head.

4. SET FIRE TO THE RAIN by Adele – Ok, so I specifically remember my English teacher playing this song during journal time at least once a week. But this was when I first decided to become a writer, so, I mean, it must have inspired me somehow.

5. EVERYBODY TALKS by Neon Trees – Looking back on this song, I completely agree. People talk way too much; back then it was just another upbeat summer song and a good way to empathize with all the drama and gossip.

6. WE ARE NEVER EVER GETTING BACK TOGETHER by Taylor Swift – Ok, Swifties… this was the song where you finally realized that all her songs were about her relationships, you’re welcome… but it was a summer feel good song, so take it as you like.

7. GANGNAM STYLE by PSY – At first this song was catchy and even went viral, nobody knew why, but it did, and nobody even knew what it was about or any of the lyrics after “Oppa Gangnam style,” but you gotta admit it kinda defined part of our middle school experience.

8. A THOUSAND YEARS by Christina Perri – Ok… so we have come to the anthem of the Twilight fans… and I specifically remember two girls in my tech-ed class quoting this song back and forth to each other. Why? I have no idea.

9. BABY by Justin Bieber ft. Ludacris – Oh, the days when Bieber was just a child… yah, I’m not touching this one; I think you all know why it made this list.

10. LAST FRIDAY NIGHT by Katy Perry – T.G.I.F!!! AKA Thank God It’s Friday. A phrase uttered every Friday as we walked with our friends from the bus stop to home, knowing we had a full two days before we had to go back to that prison world.

11. TEENAGERS by My Chemical Romance – Ah the rebellious pre-teen songs. The ones that say that we are all messed up humans, and that’s ok. And that it’s all society’s fault that we are pinned against each other in this endless social war called school.

12. I GOTTA FEELING by The Black Eyed Peas – Whew, I can honestly say that I liked this song, and that it was one of the few I could dance to without being prosecuted. It was one of those that everyone liked and got along; there was zero drama to this song, just a good feeling.

13. YOU BELONG WITH ME by Taylor Swift – A more innocent, reminiscent song, that helped you get over your elementary school innocence and told you it’s fine to not be one of those super grown up middle schoolers.

14. BLACK AND YELLOW by Wiz Khalifa – This was more of a song you just repeated by word of mouth rather than listen or dance to. People would come up to you in the hallway and just say, “black and yellow, black and yellow,” and then leave. It was more of a school wide inside joke than a song.

Christina Panousos ’17 || Lit Staff

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