Katie smallThank goodness, it’s finally warm. And with a change of season, as we all know, comes a change of style and look. It’s time to switch from the big Cosby sweaters and knee high boots (in my case) to more palazzo pants, high-waisted shorts, and otherwise flowy bottoms.

First of all, let’s talk about high-waisted shorts first. I got mine last year (probably around this time, actually) on Etsy. They tend to be a little expensive because they’re handmade, but they are definitely worth it. There are varieties with extra rips, bows, and every other kind of embellishment. I would definitely recommend looking into them and purchasing a pair.

I know I’ve talked about them before, but I can’t/don’t want to stop discussing them. A lot of the time, I feel like I should have been born in a different generation. These pants are comfy and flattering to pretty much every body type. The patterns and prints that they come in make me feel like a flower child of the 1970s and I can’t wait to wear them to concerts for years to come. Forever 21 has an incredible selection, so I would suggest checking them out.

Finally, there’s the general flowy pants. I have a few pairs from Old Navy. They’re capris and bunch at the bottom, but are extremely comfortable. One pair is plan black and the other has off white/tan flowers on them. They’re very versatile, and I would absolutely recommend them for the warmer months.

Katie Nanasi ’15 || Chief Copy Editor

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