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What does this edition of Bookstore Appreciation have in stock for you? A floating bookstore! That’s right—a bookstore on a boat!

Sarah Henshaw + the Book Barge at Barton Marina

The Book Barge opened in 2009—when Sarah Henshaw (see above) quit her job as an entertainment journalist, bought a narrow boat and began filling it with books. Since then, according to its website, it has “chugged most of the inland waterways of England and Wales, gone to sea, been used as a diving platform and hip-hop video set, rusted a little and sold/swapped a fair number of books.”

the book barge

If you haven’t fallen in love with the store already, know this: they specifically don’t sell “ebooks, souls, to people who talk too loudly.” Don’t believe me? Head on over to their website and see for yourself: (Bonus: if you scroll down all the way, you’ll see this gem of a quote on the bottom left: “So we beat on, boats against the current.”)

the book barge insidebooks at book barge

Kiana Boroumand ’16 || Literary Staff 

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